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Ethan allen country french dining table and chairs So your taste is: french u . s . a .

what it is: just adore it sounds french us of a taste springs from the mild hills and valleys of rural france. it's an unstu d ac ulated approach constructed on firmly entrenched native traditions & on loved gadgets handed down through generations. easy & honest but effortlessly elegant it satisfies the soul as much as the attention. why it works: the french have a tendency towards an inborn feel of taste and refinement that keeps this un uming style from feeling pedestrian.

guided via instinct and a knack for striking a unadorned balance french u. s. a. decor at all times reveals its regardless of how many disparate elements you throw into the combo.

it marries an vintage-world sensibility with an part of cl that ists in keeping it perennially recent. you'll adore it if your whole bath products are lavender scented. you're keen on getting your palms in the garden. you crave ony and can't stand ord.

you think tastes higher in a unadorned c y tumbler than a unadorned dainty stem gl. transfer over julia child you're making the meanest coq au vin around. more 'so your taste is': conventional shabby-chic taste house workplace via warmington style mystery: simple trendy furnishings you realize those individuals who can rifle throughout the clearance apparel rack and emerge with an outfit that appears like 1 000 bucks? it ine same french & their furniture which nimbly straddle road between elegance capability. although country pieces are in large part of elaborations traditionally have marked extra affluent gn they re shapely well scaled toward balance.

for reason rural antique had be certain each piece could paintings its toughest not odd see multifunctional case items or other transition anywhere needed most. line collected look avoid matchy-matchy sets. as alte tive mix wood numerous natural finishes metal ones a little age. new-inte tional elegant : seating area above epitomizes u.

s way furnishings. fauteuil chairs table shelf all refined but unstu d ony tied combination by color scheme gentle whites dove grays. they've just sufficient decorative flourish raise them strictly practical no showy overdone. .

Dining room. decorating guides , traditional , traditional style. with an suave stability between earthy & elegant french usa taste infuses a home with incomparable heat and welcome.