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Carpet outlet adrian mi My homss: neutral & natural cl in texas

interior stylist dana pugh spends her days -deep in vibrant paint samples daring patterns and flashy home equipment. but after a unadorned lengthy day at work she returns house a neutral color scheme in a unadorned house where she will be able to decompress experience her circle of relatives and "cleanse her palate " as pugh says. "i take of color & development all day so whilst i come home i want calm. " while she first moved into the property 14 years ago together with her husband nat & their 3 sons the place was in poor shape.

the couple got rid of purple wall-to-wall carpeting painted over the pepto bismol-purple par ions scraped popcorn ceilings and removed the heavy scent of cigarettes. pugh has now overed her vision for a unadorned serene home. "i love giving issues a second probability " she says. at a unadorned glance who s here: nat and dana pugh; the youngest of their three sons gavin (age 18); and their boxer penny measurement: 2 2 hundred square toes (204 sq.

meters); 3 2 baths region: coppell texas tours , rustic style , my. creamy colorations plush furniture and antique touches create a unadorned serene surroundings for a unadorned stylist and her family.