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Candy cane lawn decorations The case for shedding the standard garden

i m already nostalgic for this earlier summer. warm days spent frolicking out of doors picnics ice cream birds chirping & the nonstop sound of lawnmowers as the scent of freshly minimize gr wafts over the garden. but that candy gr smell is a unadorned chemical reaction a unadorned warning signal that the garden has been wounded & now it ation now open by way of pests. and as a unadorned nation the u.

s. tosses 23 million lots of garden clippings a unadorned y into already bursting landfills subject material that could be turned into fertilizer specifically compost. television & radio adverti ts work hard persuade you that your landscape is imperfect and impure if you happen to don t slave over it using fertilizers and insecticides & weed ers. photographs of suburban cowboy husbands persist wrangling weeds & farming one of the largest and such a lot pointless plants on this planet.

lawns are a le s ideal literally & because the 1800s american citizens had been trying emulate expansive aristocratic estates in europe on quarter-acre so much. what ine the for lawn? & how & why should we lose a few of it? earth day , landscape gn , gardening for erflies , gardening guides ,, saving water , lawn alte tives. work less ist the surroundings & foster connections via just saying no typical turf.