» » Butcher block dining table Tour: kinds & eras mix in a er stable block

Butcher block dining table Tour: kinds & eras mix in a er stable block

a for gentle & more e for her burgeoning antiques collection attracted gner henriette von hausen this converted er strong block in dorset england. "it used to be built round 1730 and used to be transformed a at the same time as ago but it hadn't been d in for a few years once we bought it " says von hausen of vsp interiors. "it was once in lovely dangerous shape however the principle factor for me was once the e: the huge the sunshine and the high ceilings that's what i fell in love with. " von hausen's earlier home a fantastic however small cottage also constructed in the 1700s used to be bursting at the seams with her number of antiques leaving little e for it or her circle of relatives grow.

maintenance work on the rundown solid took around 12 weeks & concerned installing new heating and plumbing as well as re gning the interiors. "i sought after recognize the nature of the property but it surely was vital for me have a unadorned modern canvas for all my bits & pieces " says von hausen. "the completed e feels truly current & i absolutely love it but as a result of i'm a gner i am all the time excited about what i can do next. it's never completed!" eclectic homes , colorful homes , tours , homes around the world.

modern touches stability bountiful antiques in a unadorned fantastically eclectic home that housed horses within the 1700s.