» » Big lots rocking chair Excursion: hugging the rocky cliffs in m ive sur

Big lots rocking chair Excursion: hugging the rocky cliffs in m ive sur

winters in chicago can be tricky. according the national climate provider this prior wintry weather was once one of chicago' ine coldest with the windy town raking in probably the most days with temperatures at or underneath zero ever recorded. brr. these chilly (ok downright zing) prerequi are what drove a unadorned circle of relatives start looking for a hotter sunnier lifestyles.

the rocky picturesque ocean cliffs of big sur california eventually received their ation and raised their temperatures. they overed a small cliff-hugging lot & searched for a ine architect who may gn something that wouldn't off into the ocean. while sitting in an airport one day just one of the house owners flipped thru a unadorned and came across the jackson circle of relatives re a e in large sur gned through architect anne fougeron. he cherished the up to date taste and copper exterior.

so he called up fougeron and requested her gn a unadorned home that celebrated the average climate and -racing perspectives of the pacific. at a unadorned glance region: large sur california who ation right here: a family of four size: about three seven hundred sq. feet (344 sq. meters); three 3 images through joe fletcher contemporary exterior through fougeron structure faia.

Chair. dream es , tours , modern architecture ,. cascading down a unadorned rugged site and generously encased in gl this california house takes full advantage of its ocean views.